The money donated to Camp Dina in memory of Leeor Perl was used this past summer to establish two new camp scholarships. As a direct result of these scholarships, two families who otherwise could not afford to send their girls to camp were able to do so, and their daughters were able to attend. In addition, some of the donated funds were used to purchase 150 brand-new siddurim for our camp shul. Labels mentioning that they were donated in Leeor’s memory were affixed to the inside of each siddur, and our girls davened in the merit and honor of their friend Leeor when using them. Our campers and staff were very appreciative of the new siddurim, and they were constantly used throughout the summer.- Alex Gold, Executive Director, Camp Dina.

Alex Gold, Executive Director, Camp Dina

For our contribution to Camp Dina we made a mural on the side of the dining room in memory of our good friend Leeor Perl, A”H. On out mural we made a really big smiley face with 2 quotes surrounding it. IMG_9277The top says Ivdu Es Hashem B’Simcha – Serve Hashem with Happiness. The bottom quote does not only relate to Leeor but it also ties in to Field Day 2014. The quote says “A smile is an act of kindness that gives the world strength. “ We see here the theme of achdus linking chessed and gevorah,our two teams for this year’s Field Day, because without either of the two there is no way the world can function. One of the tremendous chassadim that Leeor took upon herself was to always have a smile on her face but she did not stop there. Leeor made it her responsibility to go over to anyone and cheer them up even when they weren’t even upset in the first place. We want to spread this chessed of simcha that was so important to Leeor and we hope that when you pass our mural no matter what mood you are in you will stop and SMILE for and like Leeor.

Bracha Silverman, Ravi Schwartz, and Adira Levine, Color War, Camp Dina, 2014